We are always pleasantly surprised when we cross paths with a local or regional chip brand while we are traveling.  Especially one that is as lip-smacking as these Hot Habanero!!  We spotted Nick’s tortilla chips while visiting the Detroit area, and after a little bit of research, it appears as though Nick’s chips are actually based in the Detroit area, and we’re guessing that their distribution is predominantly limited to that area as well.

WHOA – flavorful!!  First crunch, and we can tell instantly that Nick is our sort of chip guy!  No subtle dusting of a delicate seasoning blend in this case.  Rather, a potently spicy, full-flavored, no holds barred – CHIPS!!

In fact, surprisingly enough, Nick’s Hot Habanero Tortilla Chips are sort of reminiscent of Doritos long lost Fiery Habanero from years back! And, of course by surprisingly enough, we mean awesomely enough!!  Easily some of the best Doritos of all-time!!

Nick’s hot habanero seasoning blend has an initial zip to it.  Sort of a spicy, tangy, slightly acidic combo, finished with a nice splash of salty cheesy-ness to smooth things out!  That initial tangy burn doesn’t last very long, and while the cheese flavor does mellow it out to certain extent, the powerful, slow burn from the habanero heat creeps up, and plants a nice wallop on the backs of our tongues and throats!  No joke, this heat continually gains and retains!  Be warned, by the bottom of this bag our tongues were sweating and throbbing a bit!!

The tortilla chips are decent, but have that slightly more toothsome, or the best way we can describe it is sort of “stale” texture to them.  Who knows, maybe our bag was actually stale, maybe one day we will get the chance to compare.  Either way, we usually prefer more crispy, light and fragile tortilla chips, but with this powerful hot habanero seasoning blend, it’s probably best that the chips had some body to them.

Overall, just really tasty chips.  We can’t wait for our next excuse to visit the Detroit area and search out Nick’s chips once again!!

Chip Review

Chips discovered at random gas station; Detroit, Michigan

Rating: ©©©©-1/4 chips  (lip-smacking)